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"Rewilded" Glen Innes

This garden was pure lawn which was regularly sprayed with weedkiller around the edges by a gardener. It was after her worms all died in her worm farm that our client decided that she wanted and needed to gift her garden to nature!

Having assessed the site and the households wants and needs, the Gift-The-Garden team developed a simple plan to arrest water run-off, enable our client to grow delicious food, provide trees and habitat for nature all on a tiny budget.

Three triple grafted fruit trees hold the space inside a 'rewilded lawn'

Aslim mown path connects the new no-dig, deep mulch food mandala garden to a central seating area, a hammock beneath the self sown peach tree and the refurbished shed.

An old cast iron bath, is dug into the ground to become a wildlife pond kept fresh with a solar pump.

A fejoa 'Fedge' shields views and provides habitat and food and a triple grated pear tree takes prime position in the northwest corner.

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