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Get involved

There are many ways that you can get involved in Gift-the-Garden. Explore the options below and contact us when you are ready to become part of our gorgeous living Movement.

Options to get involved are:





Gift YOUR Garden


Gifting your garden to nature will help to contribute towards solving the wildlife crisis we are experiencing throughout the natural world right now. You and your whanau can be part of the solution, increasing biodiversity whilst enjoying all the benefits of your very own Eden.

You can expect to receive such benefits as; 

  • Better mental wellbeing through increased contact with nature and the ‘living soil’;

  • Improved physical health through eating your own nutrient dense food;

  • Food grown on your doorstep so reducing ‘food miles’. 

Gift-the-Garden is designed to get you up and running with a thriving life-filled garden of Eden, super fast. Once the design is agreed, we specialise in creating simple low budget and low maintenance solutions in a transformation over just one to three days.

There are six optional stages in Gift-the-Garden. At each stage, we could leave you to continue on your own or you could ask organisations from our guild of stakeholders to help you to keep going on the next stage with you.

Stage 1 – Initial Introduction & Brief


  • Contact us to arrange a time for an initial on-site consultation with one of our Permaculture Designers. Allow a minimum 1 hour. 


  • We will send you a wee ‘brainstorm form’ and some other resources to help you order your thoughts  and questions for the Site-walk. 


  • One of the Gift-The-Garden Permaculture Designers will meet with you, discuss your ideas, concerns, hopes and dreams whilst we walk your garden.

See below for the sorts of things we will investigate together:

  • About the land - your soil, water catchment, views, winds, features, etc

  • About you – your likes, wants and needs for you and your friends and whanau

  • About Place – History, What’s special, neighbours, local features, such as parks etc


Your investment - $250 - $500 or an exchange.

Stage 2 – Concept

We’ll create a sector analysis and an concept design plan for your garden with all the features we have discussed above for you to mull over with your whanau and friends.  


Your designer will present the concept in person and amend or adjust as required from the discussions. This might be all you need to get going by yourself!

Your investment - $500 - $1000 or an exchange

Stage 3 – Full Design & budget


  • We will take all the ideas generated together and work up a full design, planting plan and budget. A detailed spreadsheet with all your plant’s information is included too.

  • We will meet on site to walk the design and ‘tweak’ if required and fine-tune.

  • If needed, we can create a ‘gift list’ for you to raise your budget through friends and Whanau – after all, you are gifting this garden to them, nature and the earth!

Your investment - $1000 - $2000 depending on size of garden.

Stage 4 – The Make-over


  • Planning for a one to three day makeover, we will pick a suitable day(s) weather wise and arrive early to ensure the minimum of disruption to your life so that you realise your new garden quickly.

  • We will have been developing a plan for the day which includes volunteers eager to learn permaculture building and planting techniques, helping to keep costs and down 'fun/networking/learning and sharing' up.

  • Our modern collaborative project management tools and techniques are combined with mindfulness practice to bring the very best energies to your garden delivery.

  • Options we can help arrange are:

    • Catering via our stakeholder The Sustainable Food Co (Plant based, waste free food delivered to the door on the day) 

    • Videography including drones and or photography with our stakeholder Miriama Toms Video Production

Your investment - $3000 - $10,000 is a typical budget range. Depending on garden size and the features in your design.

Stage 5 – Maintenance


Your new garden will be designed with a level of maintenance to suit you, but all our gardens are based on the ‘Ruth Stout no work’ (link to Ruth Stout Video) method so we aim for minimal human

However, even low maintenance may be more than you wish to do yourself so our stakeholder and specialist Permaculture gardener, Lush Greenery Gardens can craft a package to suit you and your new permaculture garden. Often the cost of keeping your Beautique Urban Permaculture design looking tip top is the same as your old ‘mowing’ budget.

Stage 6 - Your ongoing Permaculture journey

You will have already been to one of our ‘Garden for Wellbeing Workshops’ and will be receiving our regular newsletters and have access to our blog. You will also be eligible as a ‘Garden-Gifter’ to join our Cluster of ‘Permies’ who are walking the talk and learning together how to make this planet a better place, one garden at a time. Regular events and activities are a fun and practical part of this special club of unique individuals sharing a common vision.

Watch this space as we develop a special educational offering designed to fit within your busy lifestyle with maximum networking, learning and sharing but enabling you to learn when and where you like. Get in touch to be kept in the loop.

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