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"The Gift" Wai O Taiki Bay

Our client, Ruth, is a Nature based coach and her new garden has become an important part of her work. Ruth's clients can now take a journey around her garden, interact with nature, food and just sit and take in the sounds sights and smells.


From a poor and basic lawn costing time and money each month to mow, this garden has been transformed into a permaculture paradise with South African overtones.  A key feature of the new garden is that it has absorbed 18 tonnes of waste concrete from construction and transformed it into beauty and function.

Reclaiming the front garden for nature meant cardboarding over the lawn, then adding compost and mulch. The special 'dry river' path is designed to capture water runoff and soak it into the land as well as providing fantastic insect habitat in all the nooks and crannies.

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-15 at 1.33.58 PM (3).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2021-11-15 at 1.33.58 PM (4).jpeg

Front Garden - South African Snake Path


This garden has been transformed from a scrubby lawn which shed water to the street in a downpour with little to offer wildlife or the soil life to a permaculture paradise offering food, soil growth, wildlife habitat, water capture and more. The sit spot made of recycled timber enables contemplation, observation and interaction. The path captures water and invites slow thoughtful movement through the space.

Front garden.png
snake path plan.png
clivia walk.png

Back Garden - Food Forest and Mandala Keyhole Garden

This garden has been transformed from a scrubby lawn sinking to a moskito ridden damp patch to a garden offering food, journeying and a wildlife paradise.

Water for birds has been added and the moskitos dealt with by a half barrel for fish and planting. The manadla garden allows for easy access to annual crops and the scrubby lawn has been replaced by sweet smelling bark mulch evoking forest floor. The soils can breathe and soil life thrive.

Back garden plan.png
back garden mandala.png
Bird bath.png
food forest back.png
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