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A Garden of Two Halves

This garden was a non-starter for Min and her husband as neither could agree on style. Min loves to garden and have plants rambling everywhere, whereas Simon likes clean crisp lines. It was when we all decided to treat it as a garden of two halves that the design then flowed.

Min’s half became Permaculture Garden featuring raised beds for veges, in-ground guilded fruit trees/shrubs & two corten steel keyhole Gardens. Fully permeable groundscape capturing water, building soil, home to wildlife. 

Simon’s half became a smart, beautifully paved pool area with rich, low maintenance planting and glass fence allowing views through to permaculture garden and colourful annual raised bed for seasonal interest by the house.

The Plan

A hand drawn concept plan was developed capturing the needs of both clients. This was then turned into a planting plan allowing Min and Simon to be a part of the whole process. 

The Details 

A keyhole garden was designed, built and installed specifically for the space. This type of garden bed is called this because of the wedge shaped path and central composting space that look like a keyhole. It was originally developed in Souther Africa in order to provide a solution to poor soil and offer better growing conditions in an otherwise dry and harsh environment, and here it provides a easy to access raised garden bed, a feature and focal point in the garden and a place for compost at the centre of the garden. 

Key 2.jpg

The Outcome 

✓ Min now has plenty of space to grow fruit and vegetables. There are many fruit trees including a highly productive Louisa Plum.

✓ The wildlife thrives here and there are many native plants amongst the veges too. Great for Weta.

✓ The lawn has been erased, replaced by mulch over a deepening sponge soil.

✓ Recycled timber sleepers are used throughout the garden as edging.

✓The existing greenhouse was gifted to the community and sent to Kauri Park School

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