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Nourishing Tranquillity

This new sun drenched garden is bird and bee filled and a peacful escape from the business of Auckland. While small the space packs a punch with a food forest, permaculture vegetable pyramid, a greenhouse, a herb spiral,, a meditation pyramid and stunning feature moon gates. 



The History

Created in July 2023 as a memorial garden to the clients late husband, the design of this permaculture garden also pays respect to the original owners who also grew a lot of food on this piece of land.  On top of this the garden is also open to the recipients of the Mother and Daughter charity, ‘For the Liberty of being me’ which the client founded with her late husband.


The garden does not have good direct access from the house which is mainly on the upper storey, so the design took advantage of that ‘problem’ to create a ‘secret garden’ accessed through a magical moongate. Once the food forest has grown up, only a glimpse of the garden will be see through the moongate enticing you in.

The Outcome


✓ The garden features a food forest with fruit trees, berries and vegetables, as well as a permaculture pyramid for growing vegetables

✓ There is a greenhouse to sow seeds and propagate cuttings

✓ The garden is full of bird and insect life which drink from the solar powered water feature and eat from the variety of plants in the garden. This garden is especially good at growing dandelions which the owners eats and which feed the bees too.

✓ Several tonnes of ‘urbanite’ and crushed concrete make a splendid habitat for skinks and other insects as well as providing an ‘overspill’ from the drive for wider vehicles and capturing water which is directed into the food forest.

✓ A herb spiral is constructed from ‘Urbanite’

✓ The potting bench is made from Pallets

✓ There are two moon gates - one at the entrance and the other over a memorial seat

✓ A meditation pyramid allows for contemplation, creating a wonderful energy of peace, in the middle of the noise of life.

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