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"Garden for Wellbeing" St Heliers

The first 'Gifted Garden' which started the movement. Garden owner and designer, Panda Warren of Pandeia Te Taiao began this garden's journey in 2006 with a passion to blend wildlife, food and wildlife habitat. In 2020, the garden began to host 'Garden for Wellbeing' workshops in partnership with Olivia from Lush Greenery Gardens.


Gift-the-Garden began in 2021 in response to requests to help replicate principles and features from this garden.  


On a south sloping quarter acre section, Garden for Wellbeing has been designed to capture water, grow soil and provide as much habitat as possible. The heart of the garden is a copper water feature where the birds gather each evening to bathe before they systematically remove 'pests' from every leaf in the garden.

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